Neurosecurity in the workplace Neurosecurity in the workplace
Posted by Jack Bortone on 2021-06-21

Working is an essential part of human life.

Applied neurosecurity training can be useful in many ways in real life by promoting human self-control as a productivity enhancer. Once you can control your most innate survival instincts, it becomes easier to concentrate on specific work-related problems.

Hence, the workplace is a perfectly suited environment to experiment with other people many types of social engineering concepts in order to facilitate your work while focusing on the social and human aspects of working.

In contrast, the COVID19-associated lockdowns directly affected the mental health of many people having problems with chronic isolation. 

As remote work can be challenging at first, never forget the importance for human beings to get in close contact with each other.

At last, that's what neurosecurity training is teaching me so far.


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