I am glad to announce that citizens can now use our platform to submit their research project to us. Accepted proposals will appear in the first issue of the journal, as we're still working on finding partners to support our activities.

How to submit a research project

1. To submit a new research project, registered users needs to fill-in the submission form here and enter all relevant details about the project.

2. If possible, format your research project as a simple question. Valid examples includes :

  • What are the functions of the hypothalamus?
  • Why do my cat enjoy to sit on me?
  • Is brain-to-brain communication possible?

3. Please include in your submission all relevant manuscripts and write up a short abstract/summary next to your research project title.

4. Once your project is accepted, it will appear in the preprint section of our site. You should receive a mail to confirm that your project has been accepted.