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Brain Tricks
« on: August 15, 2018, 04:41:43 AM »

The brain is a very fascinating thing... I have reasons to believe you can improve yourself psychologically and surpass your own weak spots and difficulties with your real life by exploiting your brain capacity to understand reality.

It is not necessarely a hard thing to do. You only have to persuade yourself and brain that reality can be shaped the way you prefer in order to temporary "trick" your own psychocognitive defenses.

It requires practices and training, I agree with that. Some peoples might think I'm crazy or insane writing this. This is precisely the point I want to make.

I don't think someone is a crazy/insane person because he or she may have the capacity to dream during the day or think the opposite of what the majority thinks...

Your brain, mind, and thoughts belong to you and nobody else. I don't accept someone to attempt to trick my own perception of what reality is. I have the capacity to understand reality as is without the help of anyone.

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