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Resveratrol: an update
« on: April 07, 2022, 05:51:47 PM »
Hello friends,

Resveratrol (RV) is a well-known polyphenol and antioxidant having an exceptional therapeutic profile. I would like to review in this thread a few key points about the pharmaceutical value of resveratrol.

1. Resveratrol balances excitatory and inhibitory synaptic activity in midbrain dopamine neurons and the VTA.

Liu et al [1] found that RV can efficiently restore excitatory and inhibitory activity (E/I) in dopaminergic neurons. In other words, it appears that resveratrol is a potent antidepressant that can reverse cannabis-induced drug-seeking behavior. In contrast, aripirazole, a second generation antipsychotic, has minimal therapeutic effect on heavy cannabis use and cannot prevent drug-related relapses.

Hence, it seems that resveratrol could help to manage and treat chronic cannabis use without the typical side-effects associated with modern antipsychotics like aripirazole or paliperidone. 

2. Resveratrol is a PDE4 inhibitor.

The same author also provided evidences about cocaine-induced PDE4 activity. In specific, PDE4 activity is associated with compulsive drug-seeking behavior. Secondly, PDE4 inhibition may improve cognition and act as a antidepressant, thereby it may help to reduce drug-associated anxiety and cravings.

3. A time for research ?

Obviously, more research should be done to clarify the exact effects of resveratrol on chronic cannabis use. Likewise, PDE4 inhibiting agents such as resveratrol are functional antidepressants having a distinctive therapeutic profile for managing drug-related anxiety and depression.


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