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Effect of selenium supplementation on antioxidant activity in spermatic cord


Abstract (Part 1)

During chronic episodes of hypoxic conditions selenium may act as a master upregulator of antioxidant activity in penile tissues, as improved selenium bioavailability may decreases stress-mediated sympathetic activity (NO-dependent) and improve oxygenation levels of penile tissues:

This report describe a conceptual case of hypoxia-mediated cellular damage in the spermatic cord area of the scrotum caused by repeated hypoxic exposures:

First, the objective of this draft report is to collect relevant evidences on the pathological effects of chronic/repeated hypoxia exposure on the physiology of the penis, testicles, and scrotum. 

Secondly, the role of low-oxygen levels in penile microvascular tissues would be interesting topic to discuss here, considering the importance of tissue oxygenation and nitric oxide in the etiology of erectile dysfunction:


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