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I want to drop here a few thoughts on my current views of applied neurofeminism concept, a primary element in the emerging theory of human dialectical neurosecurity.

Introduction to applied neurofeminism

Applied neurofeminism is a draft concept based on human sexual dimorphism and related sex-dependent differences in the evolutive nature of the human genome.

In summary, the primary objective of neurofeminism research is to explore gender-specific physiological changes at the cellular and molecular level in order to develop a coherent theory on modern feminism.  8)

Special topics:

1. Introduction to social dynamics of feminism: The study of the human genome and the evolutive nature of modern feminism is a primary interest in applied neurofeminism research.

2. Neurology of violence against women in the human brain: Research aim to develop novel understandings on the epigenetics of violence against women in the human brain.

3. Control behavior in romantic and affective relationships. 

3. Sexual dynamics of the dimorphic human brain: It is also well known that the evolutive nature of the human brain has evolved in several types of social phenotypes, including in sexual behavior. In specific it would be interesting to understand the different neurological pathways implicated in the sexual dynamics of the human brain. 

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