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Neurophysiology of the male urethra


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The neurophysiology of the male urethra is a highly important area affecting men sexual health. In specific it is believed the urethra is a highly-dynamic tissue membrane regulating independently the autonomic/sympathic and somatic control of male reproductive system. It also appears the urethra may largely depends on positive lifestyle factors and regular cardiovascular exercise in order to properly function using diverse experimental conditions.  8)

Mini-review on pathogenesis of DE.

a very important part of human reproduction is when mature spermatozoids are expulsed from the urethra and enters the female vagina in hope to fertilize a female-specific ovule. The autonomic sperm extraction from the male urethra can be regulated by increasing physical intensity before orgasm and until the seminal fluids are fully expulsed a few seconds later.

These experimental findings suggest the plasticity of the urethra is strongly dependent on physical health factors and not exclusively dependent on predetermined genetic factors.   



Part 2: Functions of the human penis as a pleiotropic stress absorber

The male sex organs can absorb increased levels of ROS metabolites in testes and the endothelial membrane the urethra suggesting that the human penis may have developed multiple mecanisms to tolerate repeated periods of stress in order to cope with female-specific adaptive changes in their sexual behavior.


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