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What is Neuroprivacy?


Hello  members ,

In our opening  discussion,  we  would first like to  discuss the topic neuroprivacy .

To define neuroprivacy in simple terms ,  ''get out of my head''. 

In example, let us  imagine a nagging wife or a nagging husband, one or the other trying to gain superiority in the others mind by forcing cognitive control.   A sort of game construct of minds, specifically designed to force control over any given situation when concerning mind and thought, a sort  of neuroprivacy attack.

Neuroprivacy  inertia (resistance to change) from a neuroprivacy attack, is ones own ability to find reasonable objection to invert the neuroprivacy attack,  to counter strike a strike on intuition.

Now I will not bore you all , with a lengthy post, so will end this at this point, looking forward to engagement in the discussion.    ::)


Moderator Steve


--- Quote from: n-brain on July 30, 2018, 04:03:36 PM ---To define neuroprivacy in simple terms ,  ''get out of my head''. 

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My sister told me that she was okay with the fact that it is becoming actually possible now to monitor peoples behavior on the internet looking for child pornography more easy than ever thanks to artificial intelligence.

I am fine with this argument.

I just don't want anyone or anything to attempt profiling random joe pornographic tastes in order to sell him fancy sex toys matching his specific sexual preferences!

Just saying!  ;)



--- Quote from: n-brain on July 30, 2018, 05:27:09 PM ---The neuroprivacy attacks by advertising messages having subliminal control of the buyers .

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Yes. We are being litterally invaded cognitively and psychologically by a lot of patriotic nonsense in order to make you surrender your weapons. Never underestimate the power of owning yourself...




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