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Tell us about yourself....
« on: April 27, 2021, 05:10:46 PM »
Hi world i am Jack Bortone (aka smart) and welcome to Applied Human Neurosecurity Forum. I wish you'll find this forum useful for you, either by raising awareness in human neurosecurity or by having a good time here. I am a independent and freelance scientist based in Ste-Sophie (Quebec). I am currently single and got no kids. Maybe one day i'll want to have kids, but reaching 40, i have other urgent priorities in my life.

Hence, i developed this forum in order to raise awareness about human neurosecurity. Sometimes i'm wondering if writing a book could have been a wiser option to explain my dream and concept of open neurosecurity access to all...  ???

So far, i'm being busy mostly on Twitter and kinda ignored posting any relevant threads here. Im terribly sorry for this mistake. I do constant errors in whatever i project doing and sometimes things go wrong. I believe i have developed a positive way of learning when doing errors and i always try hard to understand myself in the process.

Human neurosecurity is the future of public mental health. It is a dream i've started wandering about a few years ago, once i started to live without physical friends on a semi-permanent basis. I have the innate capacity in me to withstand and cope with great periods of loneliness, both emotionally and physically.

Besides, i love working with computers as always... My initial dream was to become a programmer. I went on studying python but it went nowhere, so i moved into science, a domain that consistently keeps me in the student chair, as i like to exercise my own dialectical thinking skills when studying the human brain.

Anyway, thats all for now. I will be happy to read more about you once real users will join this forum.  ;D

Best wishes,
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